SBS Financial was built from the ground up to service the unique needs of business owners. That’s why we have a dedicated retirement plans team. Our team can assess your situation and help guide you through all facets of retirement plan design, implementation and maintenance. Perhaps you already have a plan but haven’t reevaluated it in a while. Here are a few things to think about…

  • Is the plan still in line with your Investment Policy Statement?
  • Do you have an Investment Policy Statement?
  • Has your plan been benchmarked in the past three years?
  • Are your fees in line with the industry?
  • Are your employees getting the education they deserve?
  • Do you fully understand your fiduciary duty as plan sponsor?

If you answered “NO” to even one question, give us a call. There is no cost for consultation and we may be able to help make a difference for your future and the future of your employees.

Think of us as your retirement plan quarterback assessing the field and making sure all of the players are in place and performing as they should. While you are busy dealing with the complexities of running an organization, we are busy dealing with the complexities of your plan, coordinating with the recordkeeper and TPA, monitoring the investment menu and assisting with employee education and participation.